Welcome to Mount Pelmo!

Mount Pelmo and the Aquileia Hut wait for you every day.

The management is new but the landscape has not changed: around us the wonderful Dolomites.

But it’s always that magic Mount behind us to dominate the scene!

A Unesco Heritage unique in the world and easy to explore.

Where Mount Pelmo smiles at you

This of the Aquileia Hut is an adventure began almost by accident, almost for game.
It was the beginning of an unsuspected march.

An adventure that has led us to change everything even the landscape.

Yes, because we are the true “Venetian“, accustomed until recently to gondolas and canals but, for one reason or another, devoted to the immense beauty of our mountains.

Today it is no longer the song of the seagulls to wake us up but the silence of Mount Pelmo, at the shadow of which we welcome with a smile the colourful diversity of our customers.

Smile because..

Aquileia Hut is surrounded by meadows and woods of larches and fir trees, under the paternal gaze of Mount Pelmo.

The most beautiful peak of the Dolomites? We believe so!

If you are a hiking lover, Aquileia Hut is right for you. What is waiting for you here?

Alta Via N1, the Round of Mount Pelmo, the hikes to Croda da Lago, Mondeval or to the refuges nearby.

How not to mention the Enrosadira! Have you ever seen a mountain blush? At Aquileia Hut you can enjoy a special view because we are an Enrosadira spot.

The common denominator remains the beauty of the Dolomites!

And if it is not enough to make you smile as him, we add: the traditional taste of Panìcia (barley soup), the sweetness of a slice of cake and the peace of a family atmosphere.

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