The Hut

Above all the Mount Pelmo

The Aquileia Hut is a hut by Pelmo in the northern side of it. Here you can..

Have Aperitivo looking at the Enrosadira, taste the typical Pastin with Polenta and wake up along with Pelmo, the real protagonist of the scene!

We are open all year long.. hiking in Summer and skiing in Winter.

In the Northen side of Pelmo

The Aquileia Hut is in Fiorentina Valley by Staulanza Pass just 1h driving from: Agordo, Arabba, Cortina or Logarone and 1,5h driving from Dobbiaco/Toblach.
Località Peronaz 5/6, 32020 Selva di Cadore (BL)

Summer Hiking

Alta Via N1
The Queen of the treeking waits for you here at Aquileia Hut for your fifth stage!
Find out more about Alta Via N1.

Pelmo 360°
Discover the slopes of the God’s throne.
The legend says that God sat over Mount Pelmo to rest after creating the Dolomites. So he left his indelible mark!
Found out more about Pelmo.

We have hikes for all tastes
From Aquileia Hut you can easily reach the huts: Città di Fiume, Croda da Lago, Venezia e Coldai.
Make a jump in the pre-history visiting the Pelmetto’s dinosaurs footprint or in the mesolithic at Mondeval.
Or conquer the summit of Mount Crot!

Winter Skiing

Country skiing is your passion?
Lucky you! The Country Ski Center Peronaz is our neighbor. Just one minute walking from us.

If you want to feel the rush then no problem!
The Aquileia Hut is just 3 km from Pescul Ski Lift.
We are part of Ski Civetta in the Dolomiti Superski.

Snowshoeing is better for you?
Then let yourself be driven by the moon while you listen to the Mount Pelmo’s night monologues.

Enrosadira Spot

Discover the ‘Pink side‘ of the Dolomites!
The Aquileia Hut is the hut by Pelmo where you can really enjoy the Enrosadira of Mount Pelmo.

The Enrosadira is a typical natural phenomenon of the Dolomites.
At the sunset, the mounts rich in Dolomia gradually get coloured of orange, pink and purple.
Taking the Ladin name of Enrosadira.

What’s the resul? A Mount that blushes!

The magic is soon revealed:
The sunlight at the sunset and the right weather conditions give life to calcium carbonate and to magnesium present of the rocky walls.

Now that you know, you can’t miss the Enrosadira of Mount Pelmo, it is unique!

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