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Ring of the Pelmo

The Ring of Pelmo

Mount Pelmo at 360°

A ‘must‘ walk in the Dolomites to discover the magic of Monte Pelmo.

You will discover the contrast between the landscape and the slopes of the ‘Caregón de’ l Padreterno ‘.
From the sharp rise of the north face with ravines, scree and forks, to the gentle descent of the south side through woods and meadows.

Pelmo and Pelmetto will accompany your every step.
But be careful! They may unexpectedly open up to your sight and cause pleasant heart surges.


In August when all the ice melted!
The critical point of the ring is represented by the Forcella Val d’Arcia at 2476m, not surprisingly the highest point of the entire excursion.
For ‘outflanking the Pelmo’ out of season, ice axes and crampons are recommended!


Walk only -> Around 7 hours
Walk with Stops -> 8 – 9 hours


We would like to say that the Pelmo tour is not a walk, so armed with common sense.
It must be an outing of pleasure and not an ordeal for you and others.

One of the factors to keep under control, in addition to your ambitions, is the weather.

In fact, the weather conditions can change faster than you think.
A sunny day can turn into: rain, wind and low temperatures in no time.


Therefore it is necessary to have:

– Common sense in the first place!
– A companion or an exit companion.
– Adequate athletic training.
– Mountain shoes (no sneakers!).
– Heavy, anti-rain and anti-wind clothing.
– Good supplies of water (at least 2L) and food.
– A light backpack (avoid bulky backpack).

The route is not recommended for children, the elderly or if you are in the company of animals.



From Rifugio Aquileia, this is the way..

Sentiero: Rifugio Aquileia -> Malga Fiorentina
CAI-467: Malga Fiorentina -> Rifugio Città di Fiume
CAI-480: Riguio Città di Fiume -> Rifugio Venezia
CAI-471: Rifugio Venezia -> Passo di Rutorto
CAI-472: Passo di Rutorto -> Passo Staulanza
S.S. 251: Passo Staulanza -> Rifugio Aquileia

Tour of Pelmo completed! Tired but satisfied legs.

Cai Path – 480

The CAI 480 path is definitely the highlight of the entire Tour of Pelmo. It also takes the name of the Flaibani Path, in honor of Gino Flaibani who opened this route.

It engages just after the Città di Fiume Refuge, on the north front, and allows you to reach the Venezia Refuge southeast of the Pelmo.

It is an evocative but demanding route since there are some sections equipped to support the hiker.



Inside the Forra

Trail 480 can be considered a ‘shortcut’ as it avoids the scree found on the slopes of Monte Pelmo, north side.

The first equipped point is located inside a ravine where the path wedges after leaving Forcella Forada behind.

Passing through a ravine, it allows you to reach the meadow area below Cima Forada. It is therefore a rapid ascent which, for a stretch of about fifteen meters, has ropes and metal ladders that can be tackled even without equipment.

Out on the lawns


At this point the feelings you feel are indescribable.

In fact, on the one hand, you risk feeling suffocated by the immense and imminent wall of the Pelmo.

On the other, you can breathe the unforgettable wide view of the Lastoi de Formin, the Croda da Lago and the Rocchette di Prendera.

Going to Forcella val d’Arcia

 After passing the equipped section, the path continues to the south side of the Val D’Arcia.

Of the snowfield indicated in the maps, practically nothing remains, but the desolate context does not disappoint at all. Indeed, one feels a little scattered in a lunar, rocky and closed visual landscape.

The ascent to the Val D’Arcia fork could not be more exciting.

Once you get there, this is where you feel you’ve done great things. On one side the Val Fiorentina on the other the Val del Boite which renews the view towards Monte Antelao, Marmarole and Sorapìs.

It almost feels like not to go further and stop for hours to contemplate!

And instead a quick descent to the Venezia Refuge, with some short equipped stretches. Are you ready to discover the south face of the Pelmo? Ui Lastoi de Formin, on the Croda da Lago and on the Rocchette di Prendera.



Where and When

The Aquileia Refuge is located in Peronaz, near Selva di Cadore (BL).

We are open and working until it will be possible. Rifugio Aquileia is closed on Monday, but it remains open for the overnight guests!

Via Peronaz, 5/6, 32020 Selva di Cadore (BL)
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